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CounterTop XRF CTX


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        The CTX is all about high performance EDXRF in a small, lightweight and sleek, portable configuration. The durable stainless steel body withstands all environmental conditions and is easy to clean. At under 7.5 kg and less than 27 cm high, the CTX is truly portable and takes up very little space on any surface. The CTX fits securely into its standard Pelican case and optional protective backpack. All user operation is through a front panel touchscreen display or an optional PC via Wi-Fi or USB. Connections are within easy reach under the display. Samples can be placed as-is inside a safety chamber with ample room or in sample cups, baggies or other containers.

        The CTX uses a 4W X-ray source featuring Bruker's patented SharpBeam? optimized X-ray geometry, a high-performance silicon drift detector (SDD) with Bruker’s patented DetectorShield?, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and USB connectivity. The CTX’s touchscreen user-interface provides measurement control and results display. Additionally, Bruker’s Toolbox PC software enables full remote operation of the CTX and optional PC software includes Bruker’s Artax for advanced qualitative, semi-quantitative composition analysis, as well as EasyCal for user-defined empirical correlations.

        The CTX is specifically designed for applications which require sample preparation and/or sample presentation in a cup or bag, as well as for small samples and samples which require measurement times of more than a few seconds.


Applications & Materials:

The CTX is available in several configurations optimized for different industries and applications, such as:

· Minerals and mining

· Food safety and agriculture

· Pharmaceutical raw materials

· Precious metals

· Polymers

· Marine fuel oil analysis (MARPOL)


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